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Bridge Design Inc, 375 Alabama St, Suite 410
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Breeze App



Using up-to-the-minute fast prototyping tools, I worked with Bridge team to create this working prototype and a companion app demo to suggest how thoughtful design of a portable, low-cost, cloud-connected solution might help patients, caregivers, and clinicians monitor and manage a chronic disease.

Standalone device

Patients can monitor their breath easily and delightfully and using the Breeze physical device. A gently animated dandelion puff guides users to blow, and relative results are portrayed metaphorically in the form of the stalk that is left behind.

A smartphone app brings Breeze results to the cloud, enabling further benefits that can come from collecting data and sharing it with family and healthcare providers.

actionable information

Breeze’s companion app suggests how patient data cross-fertilized with cloud-enabled environmental data can yield more personal, rewarding interactions; enable richer, actionable insights; and even potentially guide behavior or treatment.  Breeze uses asthma as an example, demonstrating how spirometry results mapped against seasons, geotags, activity as measured by a smartphone accelerometer, and daily environmental fluctuations (such as in pollen counts or humidity) can reveal patterns to users, clinicians, and Breeze’s own advice algorithm. And data in the cloud means that loved ones can be looped in to keep an eye on a patient, such as a child, and rest easy knowing that they will be notified of a serious situation.

Elegant information VISUALIZATION

An app like Breeze can bring the visual elegance and delight of a modern consumer product to aspects of chronic disease management.  Design with individual users and their goals in mind presents the right amount of information in a manner that can be grasped readily and explored more deeply when appropriate. Interactions that are not only enlightening, but pleasurable and beautiful make it easier for a user stick with a task that is part of disease management.

Breeze graphs a timeline of lung performance against the rise and fall over time of potential irritants like pollen counts. Peaks and valleys help users spot trends and relationships, while also playfully suggesting the natural landscape that they do indeed represent.

learning app

Breeze hints at what a learning algorithm paired with patient and cloud-enabled data can bring to disease management. As Breeze collects spirometry results and corresponding environmental data, the app establishes correlations that eventually enable it to provide predictions  and advice.

Contextual notifications

Push notifications, including daily briefs featuring actionable information, help unburden the user from having to actively attend to some aspects of disease management. 

Designed as part of Bridge Design

Team: Solène Bourgeois, Andy Santos Johnson, Diana Greenberg - Ui/UX designers

Duration: 3 weeks